Are Avocados Good For Your Skin?


Is there anything that this superfood can’t do? Aside from being healthy, and delicious, you can also apply it to your skin for a nice glow.

Besides putting avocados in burritos, on your toast, and making delicious guacamole, there are also plenty of health benefits to using avocado on your skin. Check out our RosyRadiant anti-wrinkle cream with avocado extract.

On top of that great product, let’s go through some different ways that avocado can help with your skin.

1. Avocados Are Great Facial Moisturizers

Avocados can be used as a facial moisturizer. You can scoop out the inside of the peel and lather it on your face. Let it sit for 15 minutes, and then rinse it off. This will help with dry skin and wrinkles. It’s a great anti-aging moisturizer.

It’s great for those with itchy, and sensitive skin. Avocados provide non-irritation relief.

2. Avocados Provide Anti-Aging And Wrinkle Relief

Avocados contain two essential vitamins that are crucial for skincare. Vitamin C and vitamin E. UV rays from the sun, and environmental pollution are two of the main causes of rapidly aging skin.

The high concentration of lutein and zeaxanthin found in avocados helps fight wrinkles. By applying avocado to your skin, you can fight off the causes of sun damage.

3. Avocados Can Lubricate Your Hair And Prevent Breakage

Avocado oil provides many different anti-oxidants, such as fatty acids and vitamins. These anti-oxidants have been known to help lubricate your hair and prevent any breakage. On top of this, the oil will give your hair a much-needed shine.

4. Avocado Oil Helps Your Skin Heal

These same fatty acids have been proven to be successful when it comes to different types of wounds. The oleic acid in avocado oil will not only speed up the healing process, but a test done on rats has shown that the oil is also a great anti-inflammatory.

5. Avocado Oil Can Be Used To Help Prevent Dandruff And Flaky Skin

Hot avocado oil treatment can be a great way to help with a dry scalp and dandruff. Put 3-5 tablespoons into a heated saucepan to heat the avocado oil.

Once you reach the desired temperature, you can massage the oil into your scalp. You can do this before bed if you’d like, and the following morning just give it a good wash. This can help alleviate some of your dandruff, and help moisturize your dry scalp.

6. Avocados Can Help With Your Acne

The properties in lauric acid (which avocados are extremely rich in) have been known to be great anti-inflammatories that can help manage your acne. Rub some of the accepted areas, and do this a few times a day until you start to notice your acne disappearing.

7. Use Avocados In The Bath To Help Your Whole Body Feel Soft

Most people love a nice hot bath. On certain days it seems that you could stay in there forever. But by doing that you also come out with dry and pruny skin. Next time that you decide to have a nice hot bath, try adding a few tablespoons of avocado oil in there.

This will leave your skin feeling nice and smooth, while also helping to prevent dry skin. You can add it to the oils, and other bath products that you already use.

8. Use Avocados As A Full-Body Moisturizer

We went over how avocados can be a great facial moisturizer, but that isn’t where it ends. It can also be a great full-body moisturizer.

You can use avocado oil in the bath, and it’s also great to use after the bath. Make sure you dry yourself completely before applying the oil. But once your dry, rub it all over your whole body and prevent dry skin.

9. Avocado Face Mask Can Help Exfoliate Your Skin

An avocado and oatmeal facemask can be a great way to make your skin glow. Mash one avocado into a bowl and add a tablespoon of oatmeal. Then you can put the mask on for 15 minutes.

After this rinse it off, and dry your face. This will help with acne, skin hydration, skin elasticity, and many other things. It has a lot of great benefits for your skin.

10. Healthy Fats And Anti-Oxidants Are Great For Your Skin

There are so many health benefits for you and your skin by using avocados. Of course, eating them is great, but rubbing the oil on your skin has many proven benefits.

When you’re exposed to different pollutants, your body creates free radicals. These are harmful to your cells. With the anti-oxidants provide in avocados you can help fight these off and lower your chances of being harmed.

Avocados should be on your list of products to eat and use. The benefits of both are highly encouraged.