How To Use WFH To Get Your Skin Back On Track

work from home skin care

For better or worse, more people than ever are working from home. This means that a number of people have halted their regular daily routines, including their skincare routine. With nowhere to be and no one to see them, those working from home haven’t put as much effort into their look each day. 

Instead of seeing this work from home time as the time to slack off, you can use this time to get ahead and actually make positive changes. You have the time to really dive deep into a skincare routine, especially when you’re not dressing yourself up and putting on makeup everyday. You have the time and ability to begin a full-time skincare routine, and really get to the heart of any skin issues you’ve simply settled for.

Take a look at the common skincare habits that most people had before they were working from home, and the new habits they can build in order to promote top-notch skin.

Bare Skin

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One of the worst skin habits that most women had before they were working from home was their refusal to leave the home with bare skin. Whether they simply wore a basic concealer or put on a fully made-up face, they were certain not to go out without something covering them up.

However, constantly covering up the face in make-up can do some damage. Not only that, a face that wears make-up every single day doesn’t have the time to breathe. Regularly wearing make-up can dry out the skin, as well as cause break-outs and dehydration. While you’re at home, keep your skin clear and implement a skincare routine using oil, face masks, and other great products.

Letting your skin be free enables it to naturally heal and gives it life back! That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever wear make-up. Just spend your time at home with a bare face and you’ll be certain to see loads of progress. 

Skincare Products

There are so many skincare products out there that it can be difficult to find the best ones. This is especially true when people are busy and working outside of the home. People are creatures of habit. That’s why many times they’ll discover a product and end up sticking with it, even if it doesn’t really help. It’s much easier for them to keep on using what they’ve always used than it is for them to research and find something new.

Working from home provides you with the best opportunity to ditch your old skincare products and find high-quality, effective products that are great for your skin. Here are two top-notch products you’ll want to use in your work from home skincare routine: 

1. RosyRadiant Eye Cream Bags Under Eyes Removal Secret Essence

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This all-in-one eye cream from RosyRadiant uses high-quality ingredients that include vitamins and natural extracts. It’s used to battle bags under the eyes, dark circles, fine lines, and eye puffiness. RosyRadiant Eye Cream is the product you want for hydration, soothing, sensitivity, and anti-aging.

2. RosyRadiant regenerate- Wrinkle and Fine Lines Removal Secret Essence

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Regenerate from RosyRadiant is another skincare product you won’t want to miss. Made with Avocado oil and boasting of an abundance of antioxidants, vitamins, healthy fats, and nutrients, regenerate nourishes, softens, and hydrates the skin to increase elasticity and free your face of wrinkles.

When you buy 2 or more RosyRadiant products, you’ll get 10% off another item instantly! You’ll be able to try all the RosyRadiant products you want while you’re working from home. Find the products that work best on your skin and create a great skincare routine that you can continue when you start working away from home again.

Caring for All Your Skin

Another habit you probably developed while working outside of the home was the habit of taking care of the skin on your face only. This is fairly common, as people are keenly aware of the way their face looks when they’re out, but aren’t as concerned with the skin on the rest of their body.

This focus is propelled by the majority of skincare products that are designed for the face. While there are products out there for the rest of the body’s skin, they are few and far between in comparison to products for the face.

While you’re working from home and have some extra time each day to focus on getting ready and taking care of yourself, begin a skincare routine for all of your skin, not just the skin on your face. Try out some RosyRadiant hand creams, foot creams, body oils, and more. Your skin will be more fresh, hydrated, and nourished than ever before!

The Final Word

As you are spending more time at home, you have the opportunity to really take care of yourself by making intentional changes. One of the things you’ll want to focus on is your skin. While you’re not dolling yourself up with make-up and random skincare products each day, you have time to create new, effective skincare habits and find the best products out there. 

Remember to let your skin breathe by leaving the make-up off when you’re at home, choose high-quality RosyRadiant skin care products, and take care of all of your skin, not just your face. In the future, when you go back to work, your skin is sure to be healthy and looking great!